Surviving the Heat, Baker’s Island Style – July 19-21, 2019

Sunset reflected on tower

This weekend was a challenge with the heat, Saturday was the worst of it, high temps and no wind! Usually we can brag that the island is 10 degrees cooler than the mainland with a great breeze, but there was no escaping the heat on Saturday unless you hid under the Cottonwood tree or set up camp on the water’s edge at the beach. 

Both Brian and I got up early on the weekend to try to get some work done before the sun was to high in the sky.  Nothing like pouring cement or priming the Keeper’s House wall at 6:30am! Brian even made a quick trip into Manchester by the Sea for more ice to keep us hydrated through the weekend, this gives a whole new meaning to Grocery home delivery.  He was sweating after rowing in from the boat, but the 10lbs of ice made it to shore with very little melting, he was my hero this weekend.

The Friday overnight guests were relaxing under the tree in the afternoon when I looked out to see one of the homeowner’s dogs loving the shade of the tree with the group.  Marty is always up for a walk around the island, but even he gave out with the heat. The Saturday night guests spent almost their entire time on the island at the beach, 5 red Adirondack chairs lined up along the water was their solution to cool off.

The guests who ventured to our beach this weekend were great to talk with, always a highlight when we can find a connection with them.  I found out one of the day guests lived in my hometown of Marion, MA and many of the guests were sailors as well. We had a few families out as well to explore the trails and to become a little competitive at the cornhole game.  The comments still focus on the absolute beauty of this property and all that Essex Heritage is doing to maintain & upgrade the Light Station.

Family playing Cornhole

I haven’t written much about the vegetable garden I planted in June.  I am usually a great gardener with large harvests each year, but I seem to be having some problems having the simple crops grow.  If I were a lighthouse keeper’s wife, there is a good chance we would go hungry in the winter because of the poor performance with this summer’s garden.  The failures are my lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and bush beans, but we do finally have pea pods, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and there is still hope for the watermelon.  I will need to plan better next summer and supplement the soil with our compost pile from this summer. Hopefully by next week, I should be able to harvest a few things to add to a stir fry.

With the heat, came the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Truly the prettiest this season. Again, only Mother Nature can come up with this mix of colors, pictures do not do it justice.

Man hours worked – 34 hrs (7/19-21)

Total man hours worked – 666 hrs

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